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Thirty to 40 years ago, most financial decisions were fairly simple … Scott Cook

FMR assist clients with developing financial models to evaluate transactions, project cash flow, project viability and analyze other financial outcomes as part of a strategic decision making process. Our customized financial models can help assess the financial implications of various options, evaluate strategic initiatives, identify challenges and opportunities ahead of the organization. We offer the following Financial Modeling and Analysis services to firms across sectors and geographies:

  1. Financial Modeling: We help create excel based models which are custom made for your business requirement and include components of geographic and business specific risk. We bring on-board a unique experience of delivering models across the globe (UK, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia & NZ) in response to Corporate strategy & planning, company valuation, peer analysis, project finance models, project feasibility study, financial budgeting, business forecasting, scenario analysis and tenders/ Bids/RFPs.
  2. Financial Analysis: We can provide you with an internal analysis of your business based on the financial statements. Typical financial analysis report includes profitability analysis, working capital analysis, liquidity & solvency analysis, trend analysis, valuation multiples and industry comparison. 
  3. Financial Tools: We can create excel based financial tools for day to day business activities like KPI Models, Automated time sheets, Excel based calculators & more which can save time and help you shift focus towards analysis.
  4.  Model Review and Stress Testing: We are experts at finding problems in complex spreadsheets and can help you review financial models to validate the calculations and results. Our model review process not only covers formula/calculation validation but also includes logical review of numbers flowing in the model.
  5. Dashboards and Management Information Reports (MIS): We can create dashboard which can be used as data visualization tool which consolidates and arrange numbers, metrics, scorecards, KPI & more on a single screen. 

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