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10 hrs of Training

Proficiency in Excel is a fundamental part of financial analysis job. Crash Course in Excel Functions has been designed for participants who want to get hold of comprehensive Excel skill set quickly. During the rigrous training programm you will learn how to incorporate and take advantage of the most popular and helpful Excel functions for financial analysis.

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1. Basic  & Advance Functions:

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  • Date and Time: Date, Today, Now, Day, Month, Year.
  • Text Functions: Proper, Left, Right, Mid, Find, Len, Substitute, Find, Replace.
    Lookups & References: H lookup, V lookup, Match, Index, Offset, Choose, Lookup
  • Maths & Stats: Sum, Sumif, Sumifs, Sumproduct, Count, CountA, Countblank, CountIF, Max, Min, Rank
  • Financial Functions: PV, FV, IRR, NPV, PMT, NPER
  • Logical Functions: And, or, Not, IF


2. Use of Data Tables for Financial Analysis

3. Using Sensitivity Analysis

4. Error Checking and Name Manager



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