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[heading]Training Sessions on Investment Banking[/heading]   4 Months Training Program [column width=”eight” position=”first” ] [heading]Basic Economics[/heading] [checklist arrows=”no”] Concept of Demand and Supply Concept of Production and Cost Concept of Utilities Types of Markets: Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic and Oligopoly Monetary and Fiscal Policy International Finance Exchange Rates Michal Porter Five Forces SWOT Analysis [/checklist] [/column] [column width=”eight” position=”last” ] [heading]Financial Management [/heading] [checklist arrows=”no”] Concept of Time Value of Money Capital Budgeting Working Capital Management Capitalisation Capital Structure Operating and Financial Leverage Working Capital Management Inventory Management and Cash Management Concept of NPV and IRR [/checklist] [/column] [column width=”eight” position=”first” ] [heading]Investment Banking Basics [/heading] [checklist arrows=”no”] Overview of Investment banking Management of Public Issues, initial Public Offers and Pricing of Various Instruments Right Issue, Bonus Issue, Private Placements and Bought out Deals Money Markets Debt Market Venture Capital,  Private Equity, LBOs and Mergers & Acquisitions [/checklist] [/column] [column width=”eight” position=”last” […]